AMZER 3m/10 feet Type A to USB Type C Reversible Super Speed Fast Data Sync & Charging Cord Cable

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This AMZER designed Type-C cable (10 Feet/ 3 Meter) Black is the perfect direct replacement or addition to your OEM charging cable. Its rapid transfer and charge capabilities maximize speed and efficiency. 1st side: Standard USB Type A (male) - Plug into your charging adapter, a USB wall or power strip port, or a USB port in a computer. 2nd side: New Type C (male) - Plug into your USB Type C compatible device. Use this cable to sync AND charge your USB Type C device with your PC or laptop. The USB cable can be used to charge with USB compatible wall/ car chargers and adapters.


  • Reversible Design for Type C connector.
  • Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction.
  • Support Scalable power charging.
  • For Tablet & Mobile Phone & Hard Disk Drive with Type C Male Port.
  • Reversible Design 3 Meter USB 3.0 3.1 Type C Male to A Male AM/Type-C Data Cable Cord.
  • The new USB Type-C cables have a single CC wire inside, but each connector has two CC pins.
  • When you plug the connector into a port, the CC wire can then make a connection regardless of the plugs orientation.
  • Type-C Male connector is the new design for USB 3.1.
  • 100 W power support, stronger currents, faster charging speed.
  • Using the new 128b/130b encoding speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • Type-C provides positive and negative plug functionality.
  • For Tablet & Mobile Phone & Hard Disk Drive with Type C Male Port.
  • Product Type: USB Type C Cable.
  • Length: 10 Feet/ 3 Meter.
  • Part No.: AMZ200037.
  • Color: Black.

SKU: 200037
UPC: 8903384102686
Compatible with all Type-C devices.

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