AMZER is a leading innovator in the consumer electronics industry with many of our products being the first of their kind in the market. To protect our innovations and products we have been awarded many patents and trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is our right to protect our trademark and patent rights, following is an effort to compile a list of all our intellectual property - AMZER shall not hesitate to enforce any legal rights in order to protect our work and products.

List of Trademarks owned by AMZER ( DBA owned by Moftware, Inc):

  • Jelly™
  • TPU™
  • Shellster™
  • FOLDO™
  • FlipCase™
  • Shatterproof™
  • The Next Big Thing For Your Screen™
  • No Phone Should be alone!™
  • One step Ahead™
  • Styli Pen™
  • Luxe Argyle™

AMZER owns a variety of patents, which are detailed and product specific. For more information on specific patents, licensing or any further legal queries - please write to our legal team at